Natural incense reviews, natural perfume reviews, and aromatics

Natural incense reviews, natural perfume reviews, and aromatics

Celebrations of Botanical Scent: Flower Festivals

The Celebrations of Scent

This is a resource page. It’s purpose is to list different festivals, lectures, celebrations, etc, that about plants and their scent. A example would be The Lavender Festival in Burnsville, NC. I will supply links to further information, but am not responsible for the opinions and actions of any other website besides my own. Occassionally a site may not have information that is up to date yet, it may have the schedule and date from it’s most recent event instead of the coming year’s date set. In this case, just check back on the site later, and at some point it will be updated with a upcoming date.

Jasmine Events

  • Fete du Jasmin in Grasse, France, a festival centered around the plant jasmine and it’s scent in August each year. Grasse is a area where the perfume industry reigns high. For more information you can see Grasse’s official tourist site, You may have to poke around on this site to find recent dates and information.
  • Damascus Jasmine Festival is a festival dedicated to jasmine, usually jasmine plants are planted on this day. Although the following link has limited information,, it may later contain date information for the upcoming festival.

Rose Events

  • Portland Rose Festival takes place in Oregon, and is roughly a one hundred year old event that takes place every year. In 2007 it was named Best Festival in the World. For more info go to .
  • The Texas Rose Festival is a event that has taken place since 1933, and is complete with a Rose Queen and Duchess, with new ones every year that get a public coronation. For more information go to
  • State Center Rose Festival is in Iowa, and is in the community of State Center, which is considered the rose capital of the state, go here
  • Bulgaria hosts a large rose festival in Kazanlak, for dates and history check out
  • Grasse Rose Festivalanother huge festival for the Provence area known for perfumery. Usually takes place in May, for more go to
  • Altera Rosa is a event that takes place in Avignon France every year. It is known to rose growers and lovers for it’s introduction of new species and varieties that are displayed at the event. To see more go to,
  • Thomasville Rose Show and Festival is in Georgia, and has taken place since the 1920′s. Around the same time is a rose parade, for more go to
  • Tournament of Roses and Rose Parade is a event in Pasadena California. Although this is widely known for sports and football (Rose Bowl), it is also a celebration of flowers and music. The parade is broadcast each year on television. For more go here,
  • The Luther Burbank Rose Parade and Festival is one of the largest events in Sonoma County California. To go to this annual event, go here

Iris Events

Lavender Events

Wisteria Events

  • In Sierra Madre, California there is the Sierra Madre Wistaria Festival,taking place around March and when the local Wisteria blooms. You can also see a flowering Chinese wisteria vine that is over one hundred years old, and has been named in some records as the worlds longest or largest flowering vine. Although most natural perfumers and incense makers are aware that there is no wisteria “essential oil” or no current wisteria absolute,(you can make an alcohol tincture, and possibly a wisteria enfleurage) the festival vendors feature wares wisteria themed. A truly beautiful and lovely smelling festival.

Lilac Events

  • In Rochester, New York there happens to be the rather large Rochester Lilac Festival. One of the nicest things about it is that it’s a ten day event and it is FREE! There is entertainment, and vendors, not to mention the fragrant lilacs, that happens to star over 1200 varieties of the luscious floral. Although, like wisteria, there is no lilac essential oil, or available lilac absolute, fans of natural scents should divulge in a little aromatherapy and take a stroll through this exciting event.
  • Mackinac Island in Michigan, hosts the Mackinac Island Lilac Festival, another ten day event. Mackinac island is very interesting, it has banned motor vehicles on the island for about a century now, so while you are there you can enjoy riding through the blooming lilacs in a horse drawn buggy through this Victorian community. Besides Mackinac’s nice little quirks, they have a lilac collection dating back to 1949, check it out at
  • Washington State is home to the Spokane Lilac Festival, an event that has a parade and was created by lilac enthuisasts back in 1938. There is a Queen crowned, along with some princesses, of the lilac festival. The festival usually happens when the lilacs are in bloom in May, and the lilacs there are of many different variations.
  • In the mountains of California,there is the Pine Mountain Lilac Festival. The festival has a parade and for classic car lovers, there is sometimes a car show. The environment there is perfect for lilacs, and the fest is kicked off around mid May since that is when the lilac is blooming. Another interesting note is that although most lilacs that grow in America, are not native to this continent, but one of the beauties of this festival is actually a indigenous lilac, the White Bark California Lilac. The parking and admission  is free.


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