Natural incense reviews, natural perfume reviews, and aromatics

Natural incense reviews, natural perfume reviews, and aromatics

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  • The List-The Best of The Best 2010

    Well we talked about having an awards event here, but we just now talked about it, so we will prepare next year for it. But what we are going to do is list of the Haus favorites. Most will be aromatically related, some not. Some listings will have more than one “best” listed. If something or someone is not listed, it does not mean we do not like, or that it is not a good product/person, it just means they did not make the list, maybe for space reasons. Anyway here’s the best of the best at the Haus of Waft 2010.
    Best In Perfume

    • Best New Perfume of 2010-Vagabond by Dabney Rose
    • Best Floral Perfume- Serafina by Arabesque Aromas
    • Best Woody/Earthy Perfume-Pan by Perfume by Nature (This was not technically reviewed here, but was sampled like crazy. Will do a review in the coming new year)
    • Best Gourmand Perfume-Death by Chocolate by Perfume by Nature
    • Best Exotic Perfume-Amberleah by Dabney Rose
    • Best Historically Based Perfume (yes this will be a listing every year)-Verditas by Arabesque Aromas (does not have to be a  recipe from history, but the inspiration has to come from history)
    • Best Mainstream Perfume-Spanish Amber by Pacifica Perfumes
    • Best Sensual Perfume-Ancient Nile by Dabney Rose
    • Best Goth/Dark Perfume -Dead Doll by The Mindful Mushroom

    Best in Incense

    • Best Floral Incense- Joyous Rose by Fred Soll
    • Best Ancient Incense-Kyphi by Arabesque Aromas
    • Best Japanese Incense-Frankincense by Tennendo
    • Best Indian Incense- Rose Masala By Shroff Channabasappa
    • Best American Incense Maker -Fred Soll
    • Best Tibetan or Tibetan Style-Jasmine by Stupa Dhoop
    • Best Incense Seller- Essence of the Ages
    • Best Ebay Incense Seller-Ecclecstacy Arts
    • Best New Incense-Okay you know I have to, Haus of Waft, all of em’

    Best in Suppliers

    • Best Raw Material/Incense Ingredient Supplier- Soma Luna & Ecclecstacy Arts
    • Best Perfumery and Aromatherapy Oils Supplier-Eden Botanicals
    • Best Shipping, (in prices and speed)- Soma Luna and Eden Botanicals
    • Best Herbs,Oils, and Organics Supplier- Mountain Rose Herbs
    • Best Customer Service in Suppliers- Eden Botanicals
    • Best Patchouli Essential Oil- Dark Patchouli by Floracopia
    • Best Hina/Henna Attar- Hina Attar by Floracopia
    • Best Cedarwood Essential Oil- Atlas Cedarwood by Oshadi
    • Best Geranium Bourbon Essential Oil- Eden Botanicals
    • Best Rose Geranium- Oshadi
    • Best Place Sandalwood Powders-Soma Luna
    • Best Sandalwood Essential Oils-(Santalum album/Mysore style) Oshadi, (Australian variety) Eden Botanicals
    • Best Oakmoss Absolute-none known or tested here this year
    • Best Vetiver Essential Oil- Mountain Rose Herbs
    • Best Hydrosols & Flower Waters-Dabney Rose

    Best in Beauty, Household ,Finds & Zombies

    • Best Hair Accessory- Cotton Handmade Bun Cover by Alica Kordish
    • Coolest Clothing Item- Crocheted Slouchy/Tam Hats by Purple Sage Designz
    • Best Dry Hair Shampoo- Rosemary & Green Tea with Silk Shampoo Bar by Sweet Creek Herbs
    • Best Oily Hair Shampoo Bar- Lemon Chamomile for Light Hair, with Seasalt and Honey by Lovin’ the Land
    • Best Room & Linen Spray- AlcheMists Abundant Life by Dabney Rose
    • Best Candles-Frankincense and Myrrh Beeswax Candles by Arabesques Aromas
    • Best Overall Hydrosol-Rose Centifolia Hydrosol by Dabney Rose
    • Best Oily Skin Hydrosol- Green Tea Hydrosol by Dabney Rose
    • Best Winter Skin Saver- Blue Chamomile Day Cream by  EvanHealy
    • Best Natural, Kitchen Skin Care Ingredient-Honey, especially Manuka Honey
    • Most Positive Perfumery News-Outlaw Perfuming
    • Best Foreign Zombie Flick- Dead Snow (may be from 2009)
    • Best Canadian Zombie Flick- PontyPool (may be from 2008)
    • Best American Zombie Flick- Zombieland
    • Best TV Show- The Walking Dead on AMC
    • Scariest Zombie-The Nazi Zombie, Colonel Herzog from Dead Snow
    • The Lamest Zombies-The Badly Acted Zombies from Zombies Strippers
    • Worst Zombie Movie- The Rage- Zombie films that stop being scary and start making you angry at the creators.
    • Worst Creature Feature-The Feast, all three of them, Again, a film that stops being scary because you got pissed at the makers.
    • Best Film out on DVD-The Princess and the Frog, by Disney
    • Best Fiction Book-Life Manufacturing by Cammie Bishop


  • Notes/Announcement

    No reviews today,but some notes and small announcements.
    I received a nice semi liquid Siam Benzoin from Soma Luna, that is very rich,balsamic, great vanilla notes, and for the price for a half ounce, is a definite good buy.This benzoin is a nice incense benzoin. Also, as of late last month, they received some newer products, including a tempting white Sumatra Copal, that is of very high quality,a must for incense lovers, incense crafter’s, or those fond of copal.Here is the link is you would like to check this resin out,
    If I have not already mentioned, the Haus of Waft has a new family member, Matthew L. Green, writer, resin lover, and incense creator. He also is the Haus resin expert.
    Another note of interest, the Haus of Waft has been very busy producing and creating incense, a voodoo kit, body powders, and very nutrient, fragrant hair oils/butters. The first to arrive on the scene will be the incense, which will be sold in very small batches or samples, because they will be in a consumer tester phase. The scents created will be made of natural materials. The voodoo kit is impressive, if I do say so myself. I will hopefully be reviewing some incense soon!

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